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For many years i've been collecting all the cool stuff I could find on Discordia and the Illuminati and SEVERAL TIMES i've posted to alt.discordia (gosh wow) asking for submissions. Well, after the numerous submissions i've gotten i've finally gotten off my ass and built a page around it.

What i'm trying to bring y'all here is the ULTIMATE archive of net available Discordian texts.

Principia Discordia Scanned
Not by me, I really need to rescan the fucker with MODERN TECHNOLOGY

More Discordian/Bob Pictures
A smattering of pics of The Sacred Chao, Emperor Norton, Bob, ?The Colossus of Yorba?, and two incarnations of the Official POPECARD for those do-it-yerselfers. I've even got the ORIGINAL POV DATA for the Sacred-Chao jpeg. It was GRACIOUSLY donated by the author himself Pope Lee H. O. Smith, KSC (whom a I spent about 5 minutes tracking down from the original posting in 1993 which I had in my archives!) Granted its an OLD OLD version (1.0) and doesn't work right with the current version of POV but if anyone wants to convert it over and upload me a newer version...


And of course, just what is fnord?

Various tracts captured from usenet and elsewhere

High Weirdness

Yes, Bill Gates is Satan

Couple of non-related items from my old "Gopher Discordia" which landed my former employer and me the honor of hosting and creating the official website for Magical Blend Magazine. Granted they've changed it since I did it but...

Various bits of Masonic lore and datum and YES, that nifty book cover that graces my web pages is The Encyclopedia of Freemasonry by Albert Pike, 33deg mason. It was originally published in 1933 and thanks to photoshop its our holy book of Discordia. If anyone would like the information or a jpg of the real cover/table of contents, feel free to mail me. No, i'm not a mason... Really.

An application and THE LOST ASCII FACES OF BOB! Ya know, there was a day when we didn't have the world wide web and we hadda use gopher and ftp and...

Some weird Fucker

The big list
Fnord's Bookmarks!

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